Fletcher Melvin, Liana Scott & The State of the Cook Islands during the Pandemic


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In this week's episode, we sit down with both Fletcher Melvin & Liana Scott, who are representatives of the Private Sector Taskforce for the Cook Islands.

Fletcher Melvin is also President of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce: "The Chamber of Commerce is the Voice that Represents Private Sector Interests in the Cook Islands. It is a Voluntary Organisation of Individuals and Businesses Who Join Together to Advance the Commercial, Financial, Industrial and Civic Interests of our Island Nation."

Liana is the President of the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council: The Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council was formed in 2008 and we are engaged in promoting the interests of our members and the tourism industry at large; sometimes independently, other times alongside government and other stakeholders. But always with the sole aim of improving the quality of the Cook Islands as a destination, so that visitors to our shores can enjoy the best possible experience.