Marisa Newman


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I am Marisa, a 49-year-old Female from the East Coast of New Zealand. I am the daughter of Ray and Grace who have farmed the land their whole lives.

I am the youngest of four, a feminist and a vegetarian. I am a loyal and fun best friend to a small number of people. I have worked for Air New Zealand for 25 years. For the last 4 years I have been a leader of a base of 68 people in Rarotonga. I am a Member of the Cook Islands Whale research team. This is an element of who I am.

But the principal thing I am, the thing that makes me whole and centred, is I am a mother to George, Grace, and Eva. I am the best person I can be, I am always changing like the Ocean, moving forward and back like the swell and dip of the sea, like the waves on the beach. I am being pulled in different directions like the gravitational forces of the moon on the ocean tides. As a daughter I am drawn to the place I began my journey, the East Coast of New Zealand, because I love and worry about my elderly parents. Any annual leave from work the family and I voyage back to my roots, so my children can learn the ways of their grandparents and share the experiences of my childhood.

As an Air New Zealander my Waka is the Aircraft, and my focus are my people.