Tumutoa Tours


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Located in
Arorangi, Rarotonga

TUMUTOA TOURS Discover the culture and history of local Rarotonga with Tumutoa Warrior.

*UMU & DISCOVERY WALKING TOUR Learn to cook a traditional UMU (Hangi), in an earth oven - husk, open and grate a coconut, squeeze flesh for coconut cream to make ikamata (marinated fish), weave your rourou (plate) - then explore and taste local fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants of Inave Village, where Tumutoa Warrior will climb the coconut tree, for fresh nu to drink.

**UMU FEAST STRING BAND & FIRE SHOW Umu cooking, fire making, husk, open, grate & squeeze flesh for coconut cream, weave rourou plate, story telling history, then enjoy the sounds of an ukulele band while you feast- followed by a spectacular Fire show featuring Tumutoa Warrior!

A mountain walk discovering the history and legends of Raemaru mountain. Amazing views and includes fruits and coconuts at the summit.